3 Keys to Make your New Year Resolutions Successful


New year, new beginning. You get to hear a lot about new year resolutions. Are you one who makes new year resolutions?

New year resolution, in many ways, is no more than just a thought. A nice thought. A thought on what you think you would like to do or change and you make use of the new year to name, if not start it. However, this thought is usually being given very little thought behind, which explains why so many new year resolutions never happen. More often than we would like to admit, these seemingly important thoughts eventually become mere forgettable thoughts and resolutions as the year is no longer as new.

A resolution is also usually something that you commit to no one other than yourself. You are not being held accountable or measured in any shape or form externally. You can justify with yourself, and with others who know about your resolution, the reason you are not doing it at all or not making much progress. With that, it has become no more than a ritual if not an one off exercise. Something one can do mindlessly, if not causally.

Genuine Desire and Intent

To make your resolution into action, you need to ensure you have a strong desire and intent behind it. After all,

a thought is nothing but a thought. Only action can bring a thought into reality.

For you to take any action to follow up and follow through your resolution, there needs to be a strong and genuine desire.

Common new year resolutions include “eat healthy”, “lose weigh” or “get fit”. One reason that makes them common is that it doesn’t require much intent unless one has signed up for a body building competition of some sort or have some health related issue that requires them to improve their health.

Your intent behind your resolution is already half of the success. The stronger your intent, the more likely you are going to do it, whatever it may take. That is also one reason no one is going to wait for the new year to start something they truly want to do or change!

Hold yourself accountable 

Take yourself and your intent seriously. Make yourself accountable. Have a friend, a colleague or your partner to have you report on your progress regularly. Better yet, partner up with someone to do the same resolution as you, if possible.

Set out what you want to achieve and how. Find a measurable way to check on your progress. After all,

no one is going to take you seriously unless you take yourself seriously.

When you know you are being held accountable, the resolution suddenly takes on some weigh in your life.

Examine and clarify your thoughts 

Sometime your new year resolutions may not be what you truly want to do, rather you just think you want to. In my upcoming book, The Code, it explains the importance of examining and clarifying your thoughts and beliefs, and introduces exercises to help you DECODE – to identify what is not yours and what you don’t want.

Half of the success of living a rich and full life, and making your new year resolutions happened comes from being clear on what you truly want.

When your mind is full of clutter, when you are not clear about what you want, examine and clarify your thoughts and beliefs and remove what doesn’t serve you. Only when you have cleared the fog, will you be able to see more clearly.

Every thought, every choice and every subsequent action you take impact this new year of yours. Before you know it, this new year will turn in to a past year in your life. Every year is your personal year. Every year can have a significant impact in your life. You can either let it go and be just another year or grab it by the horn and make it a remarkable one.

Have a successful and authentic 2017!