5 things to know to find your perfect job

How many people do you know who love their job? And how many people do you know who don’t love their job? Most people I know of don’t really like their jobs. Yet, they choose to stay there.

The challenge we have is that very few of us believe the perfect job exists. A job is often seen merely as a job – something we do to make an income. Those who believe the perfect job does exist, they often think it is for the few lucky ones.

The truth is the perfect job does exist and it is not for the few lucky ones. To find that perfect job, we need to change our mindset and be clear of a few important factors.

1.     Understand what your true risk is
Do you know your risks?

Many of us are not willing to give up what we have as we have invested so much time and effort to build it. We think it’s too risky to let go of what we have even though it is no longer what we want, such as a job we no longer enjoy but with a good and stable salary for that dream job that we want but with no certainty on income or immediate future prospect.

Unless change is forced upon us, as creatures of habit, very few of us will make a change without some sort of certainty. However, no matter what certainty we may have, risk is always imminent.

It is crucial that we understand exactly what risk we are or indeed are not taking and, more importantly, what we are truly risking leaving behind by not taking a risk. Are we risking leaving our dreams and life behind by holding onto what doesn’t serve us just to be safe, or are we risking what we have now which no longer serves us in order to pursue the perfect job and our dreams to live the life we want?

Never give power to unknown and uncertainty to stop you from living your life and pursuing your dreams. And don’t buy into the illusion that you will be safe by staying on the same spot.

2.     Live life as One
How many people do you know who behave differently at work and resume their normal selves when outside of work? Or are you one of them?

Many of us don’t treat and live lives as One as we are led to believe we need to be one of the norm in order to fit in, exist or be recognized. Because of this belief, with or without awareness, we constantly split our lives in different compartments – being one persona at work and another outside of work, and separating our passion from our daily work life.

Living one life requires a tremendous amount of dedication, clarity, attention and commitment. With two potentially very different personas to fulfill, can you imagine how tiring it can be? Yet, so many of us continue to live in this exhausting and confusing duality because we believe when so many people are doing it so it must be alright.

Living a life that is true to WHO we are requires crystal clear clarity in our minds and hearts. When we constantly switch between two personas, we will eventually lose our clarity and sense of self. What is real? And what isn’t real? Is it WHAT I truly want? Or is it what I think I want? The differentiation becomes so muddled and we wonder why some of us suddenly hit a wall one day and ask ourselves, “What am I doing here?” even when we seem to be living a rich and fulfilling life.

3.     Be prepared to work for it
Are you waiting for your luck?

Who doesn’t want luck on his side? We all want to be the lucky ones. However, luck only crosses path with those who pursue their dreams and passions, not those who sit around and wait for it to knock on their doors.

The perfect job doesn’t present itself to anyone when we don’t take our first courageous, honest and at times risky step. Our interest and passion can be our job as well as our life if only we will be clear and honest of what our true risk is, live life as One and put the hard work in by exploring the possibilities and opportunities there are.

We are where we are because of the time and effort we have put in. No change can happen without dedication, diligence and persistence. So be prepared to put in the work required in order to align our life with that perfect job we desire. When we work towards that perfect job and life, we will find our luck along the way.

4.     Know your senses
Have you ever experienced what you sense in your heart doesn’t always make sense in your mind? And what makes sense in your mind isn’t always what you sense in our heart?

Whilst it may make sense in our mind to hold onto what we have even when it is no longer what we want whilst we work towards our perfect job and life, it is equally important to allow our heart to sense and guide us. The mind wants certainty. However, changes can only happen when there is room for uncertainty. And it is in this space where our heart becomes our compass.

Don’t close doors too quickly simply because they don’t make sense. Be open and prepared to work with both senses. Honour and follow what you sense in your heart. Use your mind to help you understand to make sense. After all, we have a mind and a heart for a good reason!

5.     Be clear of your desire
Is what you think you want truly what you desire?

Surprisingly, what we think we desire is not always what we truly desire. If you find you have very little motivation to reach out to that perfect job because of various challenges or obstacles, or you find yourself saying, “I want that job but….”, then you need to ask yourself honestly and seriously, “Is this what I truly want?”

Challenges and obstacles are everywhere. When we have no genuine desire, we will never be motivated to do or overcome anything. Those who have climbed mountains and crossed oceans to get to where they are, are driven by their desire, passion, vision and their dream. The underlying motive needs to exist or else you will find yourself stopping at every hurdle you encoutner. After all, no change can happen without a genuine and strong desire from the heart.

Many opportunities don’t and can’t turn up until we have taken the very first step. And many questions cannot be answered until we are on the path. Making a new start is never easy. However, an established and genuine desire will help us climb the mountains and cross the oceans. Ultimately, it is all about what we can and cannot live with and be at peace with our decisions, whatever they may be. At the end of the day, it is not at all about finding the perfect job. It is all about the choices we make to live that liberating and fulfilling life we so desire.

Are you ready to start off the new year and reach out for your perfect job and life?