Live a soul-fulfiling life and create your Legend

By learning to tap into your Truth whilst making the greatest impact on those around you. Reveal Profound Insights regarding Your Truth with Just 32 Words

Call me a “Truth Sleuth” or your “ mirror on the wall.”

Mastering Self is crucial as our world is rapidly changing. It is no longer about being that someone. It is all about knowing and being WHO we are to bring that unspoken power into our lives and those around us.    

Having worked with and knowing many are quietly struggling with the battles between what makes sense in their minds and what they sense in their hearts to lead that fulfilling yet peaceful life, I want you to make the greatest and soul-meaningful impact by learning how to see and live lives differently and still be that great and authentic Self.

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Whether you choose to dive straight in on your own with me or with a small group of people, they are equally effective. Find out what suits you best.

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About Me

Hi, I am Kitty Yeung Downer, your Truth Sleuth or Mirror Mirror on the Wall.

A girl, brought up in a government public estate in Hong Kong made her first 6 digit income at the age of 27, has lived in 6 different countries and can get by with 5 languages all because I followed my truth.

The world has been focusing so much on the power of the mind, leaving behind that of our heart, where our Truth lies.

I help you to uncover the profound yet often hidden key insights within you to live a soul-fulfilling and liberating life, make the greatest impacts, be calm and collected in challenging situations, and live your life from a Self-centric yet truthful space.

Live that legend you envision.

The code – transform your mind from the inside out

Are you a seeker of your own truth, in search of your personal legend? THE CODE provides a profound yet simple 3-step framework to facilitate your journey of self-discovery, guiding you along the way to discover and connect with the answers you are looking for.

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