A New Year. A New Decade. And A New Cycle.

The year 2020 is the beginning of a new year, a new decade as well as a new cycle in the Chinese zodiac.

It is indeed a good time to set our intentions for this year. Before doing so, I find it very useful and insightful to review last year AND the last decade.

Trivial events and tasks often go unnoticed. However, when we group them together, they may reveal powerful and important insights, such as patterns or themes, to help us transform and evolve as we move forward.

We are not here to be or play small. We are here if we want, to live and experience our true potential and truth.

How do you want to live this new year? And more importantly, how do you want your life to transform and evolve in this new decade to come?

Have a fulfilling, transformational and inspirational new year, a new decade and a new cycle!