Hello! I am
Kitty Yeung Downer

A girl from a small corner in Hong Kong

About Me

Growing up in a shoebox-sized government flat in Hong Kong, with the influence of Chinese culture and Cantonese as my mother tongue, coupled with limited exposure to English has its pros and cons.

Know your place in the hierarchy. Speak only when it’s appropriate. That’s my reality. It sounds harsh, and it was. The silver lining in that was it made me observe life and people a lot which suited me perfectly well as an introvert.

Self-awareness. Mindfulness. Self-centric. Resilience. Reflection. Independence. They have been my way of life since I was a child. Knowing and believing deeply that my life wasn’t bound by where I came from, and with parents who are both peculiarly traditional yet open-minded on different things, I am thankful to have grown into the person I am today.


Our experiences and background don’t dictate how our lives are or will become. Our perspectives in life, belief in Self and the stories we tell ourselves do.

Let me be your guide and begin your life-changing journey together.

A girl brought up in a small corner of a government public estate in Hong Kong made her first 6 digit income at the age of 27, has lived in 6 different countries and can get by with 5 languages all because I followed my truth. My work has been featured on TV, in newspapers and in journals.