Be clear of who you are to surf in the wave of change


Companies anticipate and prepare themselves to meet with the changes in the market. Are you, as an individual, well prepared, to surf in the wave of change?

Whether we work for ourselves or for a company, we always anticipate and prepare the business to meet and adapt to the changes ahead. Are we, as individuals, preparing ourselves for the same?

When the tides are quiet and calm, we can stay on the surf boards easily even when we don’t pay much attention. However, when tides change, we need to be mindfully and firmly grounded and balanced on the surf boards. Otherwise, we will get swept away by the change in tides, let alone surfing them.

Changes are happening quicker in pace and bigger in magnitude. If you need proof, just look at the changes in mobile phones in the last 5 years. If we are not grounded and be crystal clear of who we are and what we want, we will find it extremely challenging in the wave of change.

The challenge we all have is that we are all programmed in some way and that programming hampers us. We are told to get a good education, then a good job, then a better job, a house, then a bigger house, a nice holiday then an even better holiday.

Along the way, we forget who we are and why we are really here. We go for jobs and relationships that we don’t like. We buy things that we don’t need. We even pursue dreams that are not always defined by us. Yet, we pursue them anyway. As a result, we lose our sense of self, meaning and purpose of life.

This is one reason some senior executives suddenly realize what they have been working so hard for is no longer what they want. We all step onto the treadmill of life without ever questioning it until we sense something isn\’t working for us. When we want to make a change, to do something that has meaning to us, we find it hard to know what that is as we have lost the connection with ourselves, i.e who we are.

Embracing changes alone even when we are grounded is not easy. When we are not crystal clear of who we are, it makes it twice as hard to deal with changes. With the world changing so rapidly, and with more big wave of changes coming our way, our clarity of self is going to be tested big time.

In order to know what we want, we need to know who we are first. It is so because what we think we want may not be truly what we want; we just think we do. What we think is important to us may not be that important after all; we just think they are.

To be crystal clear of who we are, we need to challenge and examine our thoughts and beliefs. We remove anything that doesn\’t serve us whilst we reconnect within ourselves so that we can reunite with our authenticity. It is only through self reflection and discovery will we be truly able to know who we are. No one can tell us who we are but we can discover who we are. The true power of authenticity comes from self discovering self.

Sounds vague? Let me demonstrate.

Answer these 3 questions vocally once you have read them, as if I was with you right now asking you the questions and you giving me the answers in person. Do it and you will feel the results.

  1. Who are you?
  2. What do you want for life?
  3. Why?

Have you answered the 3 questions vocally? Only continue reading this when you are done.

Now, I want you to sit down comfortably. Feet firmly on the ground, back up straight, hands on your thighs. You close your eyes and take a few deep inhale and exhale. When you feel you are calm, you silently ask yourself the same 3 questions and sit with it for a few minutes. Do the exercise to experience what it does before reading the rest of this article.


Did you feel a shift in you when you asked yourself the same 3 questions silently? Answers might not have been there clearly in words but there was a sense of calmness and a sense of self. And that somehow gives you a better sense of clarity of the answers to the same 3 questions than when you actually answered the questions vocally.

This is the power of authenticity with you discovering you – a journey of self discovery and reflection.

You may think it sounds all a bit funny and weird. It is. It is only so because we are so accustomed to use our mind – to think, analyse, rationalize and logicalize. We all have feelings. We feel how we feel and yet we never think, analyse, rationalize or even logicalize our feelings. Feelings are as real as our thoughts and beliefs. In fact, our feelings are more real and present than our thoughts and beliefs to a certain extent as we can distract our minds but we can never distract our hearts. Hence we say absent minded, never absent hearted.

We all have a flow in life and knowing who we are is a crucial part of that journey. We need to find our own flow before we can go with the flow, let alone surfing in the wave of change.

Are you clear of who you are? Are you ready to surf in the wave of change?