BOOK LAUNCH: The Code – transform your mind from the inside out


I am very pleased to announce THE CODE – transform your mind from the inside out is now published and available for purchase on both Amazon UK and Amazon US!

The book project looks as if it had only taken about a year. However, the story behind the book goes way back.

When I started writing THE CODE, I literally dumped all my thoughts and ideas onto the draft. Little did I know that I would have my first book focusing on helping you to de-clutter your mind in order to create the space for the answers of many of the life questions you may have to present themselves.

The challenge we face is that many of us take our thoughts and beliefs for granted. We seldom examine or challenge what we think and know. As a result, our life is often defined and confined by logic, sense or rationale which is usually defined by the masses, society or culture, not necessarily by ourselves. As the logic, sense or rationale is accepted by the norm, it becomes the “normal”. However, the normal isn’t always aligned with WHO we truly are and WHAT we really want in life. Consequently, we lose ourselves slowly, unconsciously and mindlessly in living a normal life.

Our mind is here to help us navigate and negotiate our ways through obstacles and challenges to live our authentic lives to the fullest and pursue our dreams in lives. Because of the need of being accepted by our surroundings and being normal, more often than we know and would like to admit, we allow the mind to stop us with reasons if not excuses at times to walk our path when there is an unknown or uncertainty, when it doesn’t make sense or when it isn’t logical or rational. The mind dictates and demands what it needs, i.e. known, certainty or fact. When the need is not met, we often choose to change our course to suit the mind, leaving our heart and our true desire behind.

The mind is a powerful house. So powerful that if you don’t own it, it will own you. Life has its own way to show you where you need to go to. Be courageous and do what feels right in your heart even when it does’t make sense in your mind. The mind is here to help you to overcome obstacles that you encounter in your path, not to stop you from walking your path, living a full and authentic life and pursuing your dreams.

I will be doing a series of public events to share my learning and experiences. In these events, I will guide you through your own journey so that you, too, can connect and experience the power of your own authenticity.

If you know anyone who may be able to benefit from my learning and experiences please feel free to share this message. Or better yet, why not gift them a copy of The Code?


A quick glance on THE CODE

Have you been asking yourself, “What do I really want for my life?” but not found the answer? When the mind is full of clutter, it is hard to see clearly, let alone find the deep answers you look for in life. THE CODE provides a profound yet simple 3-step framework to facilitate your journey of self-discovery, guiding you along the way to discover and connect with the answers you are looking for.

THE CODE enables you to:

  • understand what authenticity really means to you and how to be your authentic self
  • de-clutter your mind by examining your thoughts and beliefs, and sort what is truly important from what you think is important
  • differentiate your internal voice from the external noise by understanding what you truly want in life and how to take action to achieve it
  • change your mindset from a focus on limitation to a focus on possibility and opportunity
  • embrace your life and challenges even when you don’t have all the answers
  • develop a personal plan and a supporting environment to reinforce and sustain your continuous transformation.

If you are unclear on your next step or what you want in life, are experiencing burnout, feeling lost or looking for a deeper meaning, THE CODE will guide and inspire you to transform your mind and life from the inside out. The question is not about “What do you want?” The real question is “How do you want to live and remember your life?”


The Story behind THE CODE

Since I was a child, I always had a knowing that I needed to do something meaningful and to be of service to others even though I didn’t know what that service was. Since I was a child, I also had this strong sense of WHO I was even though I couldn’t say what exactly that meant in words. And since I was a child, I had this strong desire and an unexplainable commitment to myself to stay true to WHO I was.

I have been following this knowing and I have been led by this strong sense and desire to be my authentic self for as long as I can remember. The journey thus far has taken me to live in six different countries in the last 13 years, make me leave an established life from one city to another again and again, change my professions and the roles I played in life from one extreme to another in each new city I moved to and even swap good income to no income when called for.

More often than not, these changes and decisions were irrational and illogical to my mind. At times, they were not even what I thought I wanted. However, I have learned to turn the illogical and irrational to logical and rational and continued to honour myself, to stay true to WHO I was.

The journey has made me learn not to question the unknown but rather embrace it. The journey has taught me to trust myself, to trust what I know rather than looking for the known. After 43 years, I finally found out what that “meaningful and to be of service” act that I always knew I had to do. That is to share my learning and experiences of this journey with you.

In The Code, I share my learning and challenges on finding the delicate yet dynamic balance between what made sense in my mind versus what I sensed in my heart in the pursuit of understanding and being my authentic self; 17 Key Life Lessons I learned; reasons and thoughts behind my decisions for the changes in my life; tools and frameworks that I have been using to enable me to be true to WHO I am, be crystal clear of WHAT I truly want for my life and WHY I want what I want and; most important of all, is to motivate and inspire you to connect and trust what you know deep within you to live your authentic life to the fullest and to pursue your dreams even when faced with many big unknowns inside you as well as in your life.

Having experienced and knowing how painful yet powerful the journey of self-discovery is, my mission is to help you embark on and embrace your own journey by sharing the tools, knowledge, learning and wisdom that I have gained so that you, too, can connect and experience the power of your own authenticity and live your life to the fullest even when faced with the big unknown.