Coronavirus – Turning A Challenging Time Into A Positive One

What a global event we are going through. Is it going to bring us closer or divide us further?

When I look behind what I see, the situation is not asking us to panic as dangerous as the virus is. Rather, it’s asking us to take stock of our lives.

Go Back To Basic
People rushing for toilet rolls (as relevant as they may be) and food, not the next iPhone. Need vs Want.

We have become smart and informed consumers but are we aware that we are being consumed by consumerism?

Look Deep Within
Many of us will possibly be given the ”unwanted but much needed time” to look at ourselves with the slow down in the global economy.

Use it to do the things we say we want to do but never have the time for or take a step back at looking deep within ourselves – to align and re-align our lives to the one we are connected to, not just the one we are living as it is.

I often start my workshops and seminars by asking the audience a few questions.

– When was the last time you examined and challenged your thoughts and beliefs?…..usually a quiet response.
– If you have never examined or challenged them, how do you know if they are true?…. more quietness
– Even if they are true, do you know if they align with your truth as WHO you are?
– We make decisions daily based on thoughts and beliefs, can you imagine what impact it has on your current life if they are not your truth?

Life is full of the unexpected. The way to ensure we are in the best position to embrace it is to be absolutely clear with what\’s in our mind and heart, and to have them work together, not against each other.

Time to look within.

Reset, refresh and resurface to become better, clearer and stronger in lives.

Practise Kindness And Look Out For Each Other

The world is full of people and yet we make each other strangers. Where we are globally, it requires individual and collective action. Be the support for each other.

The virus doesn’t carry or spread fear or panic. Human does.

Crisis in Chinese is 危機.
危 means danger.
機 means opportunity.

Whether we can turn this challenging time into a positive one depends on the perspective we take and the actions that follow. Is it a danger? Or is it an opportunity?

We may not have full control of the virus yet but we do have the full control over the choices we make.

Together, we will ride out from this challenging time.

Be kind.
Be safe.
Be truthful.

(Photo by CDC on Unsplash)