Dance with the Now, Romance with the Future

Being content with what we have in life at this present moment is not easy. The majority of us, including me, have a tendency to think what we want is better than what we have. It can’t be labeled as a good or bad thing. After all, life seems more interesting when we have a dream or two, something to look forward to and something we can work towards.

Our challenge in the present moment appears when we want what we want in our own timing, ie now. Our focus becomes so forward and outward, to an extent that we are no longer in the Now. What’s in front of us, like our daily life or our job, becomes a barrier to what we want – it separates us from our dreams, we then make the Now a burden, something negative that we have to carry.

Life always has its own way to show us where the path is. That path often is not what we expect or imagine. Forward thinking is good but staying in the forward thinking mode does us no good. It paralyzes us from being present, from doing what needs to be done right now.

We are taught to be in control of things – to understand and analyze what we do. We are seldom taught to learn to let go of that control, which plays an equal part in being in control. The dynamic between the two is indeed one hard skill to acquire, let alone master.

In reality, like it or not, the Now may just well be what we need, a stepping stone that may connect us to our dreams, even when it doesn’t seem so. Without Now, we can\’t get to the future. When we keep delaying the tasks that are in front of us, we are simply pushing our much desired future further away from us.

Whilst being present doesn’t mean we let go of our future plan, we need to keep both in a harmonious relationship so that we attend to what needs to be done whilst we keep our dreams alive. Treat what needs to be done right now as a dance. We waltz, we tango and we rumba. Whatever is needed. Tune in to the rhythm of Now and make the dance as beautiful and as enjoyable as we can. After all, we need to enjoy life. So enjoy the Now with a great dance with great music.

Whilst we dance, we romance our dreams. We need to be in love with them both to make our life a happy one. We learn to flow with the rhythm of life in the present moment and continue to pursue and romance with our dreams. As we waltz forward, our dreams will slowly become the dance with our effort put in mindfully but effortlessly.

In no way is it easy to dance with the Now and romance with the future. I will be the first one to admit it. But what better option do we have? We can\’t deny or avoid the Now. The more we resist it, the harder we find life becomes. What good does it do? We may as well find a pleasant way to handle it whilst we hold our dreams close to our hearts.

We can\’t change the reality instantly but we can certainly change our mentality and attitude easily. It takes some work on self for sure but, at the end of the day, the sole beneficiary is us and the long-term benefit is beyond words.

We all have a little something, or a big something, that we want to change in our life. It may be a new and exciting life we are looking for, it may be getting rid of a job that we no longer enjoy, it may be we are getting out of a sticky relationship, or it may be we have recently lost a beloved one. Whatever it is, we need to do what needs to be done in order to get to the next step. We can either choose to live our lives in the most harmonious way they can be even when life seems tough, or choose to carry a burdensome invisible backpack that we create. The choice is always ours even though it doesn’t mean it’s easy.

So have the best dance we can with Now and do our best to romance with our dreams for the future.

As the festive season is approaching fast, it is the perfect time to have a dance and some romance with ourselves. Have a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year.