Death And Love – The Keys When Grieving

Death is inevitable and yet no one will ever be prepared enough for it to happen, be it to ourselves or those we love.

When it comes to death, love isn’t about grieving with self-blame, regrets or guilts (I wish/I should have…) which many of us tend to do. Those thoughts serve no one and aren’t necessarily true.

Rather, it is about giving ourselves permission, time and space to feel, reflect and process with self-love and self-care, mindfully and truthfully.

There is no “too short a life.” There is no “poor him/her.” There is no “dying too quickly.” We don’t know if the otherwise would have been better. It’s a self-created mind game.

No one wants to die with regrets. To do that, we need to LIVE life with NO regrets.

Be clear with our thoughts and beliefs. Don’t wait until something happens or someone passes away to “wake up” to live our lives.

Life waits for nobody.

LIVE life with no regrets.




(Featured Photo credit: Mat Reding on Unsplash)

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