Does the ideal world exist?


What is an ideal world?

Does it even exist?

My purpose is to help you find and connect with your authenticity, that is knowing WHO you are, WHAT you want and WHY you want what you want. The first step is to help you de-clutter your mind, to remove thoughts and beliefs that don\’t serve you in order to create space for those that serve you to be able to be present. Thought and beliefs that would liberate you from fear and unknown, not limit and immobilize you from living your life.

Whilst some people agree with what I share, be it online or in person, others may have this thought, “In an ideal world, this would work.”

What is an ideal world? 

In my book The Code – transform your mind from the inside out, I talk about how we are unconsciously ingrained by our surroundings. The unconscious ingraining, as the name says it all, happens without us noticing it. We do pick up many thoughts and beliefs that are not ours. As a result, we believe more in our limitation than our ability to succeed, to be happy even when our ability is not truly and fully tested. We prefer the known to the unknown even when the unknown is a well known fact. We allow fear to immobilize us even when what we fear may happen has yet to happen.

When was the last time you examined your thoughts and beliefs? Are they true? Do they align with WHO you are and WHAT you truly believe in?

Whenever you find yourself thinking or saying, “It can only happen in an ideal world,” examine your thought again. We all have different thoughts and beliefs. There is no one unified or defined ideal world. Your ideal will be different from mine, and vice versa. “If this works, something else may not work” will always be in our life.

Life is about learning to negotiate and navigate our ways through challenges. The mind is here to help us negotiate and navigate, to climb the next mountain, to cross the next ocean. The mind is not here to stop us from realizing our dreams and living the live that is true to WHO we are. Your mind may have its own mind at times. However, you are the master of your own mind. Own it or it will own you.

Does the ideal world exist?

Yes, the ideal world does exist. It exists when we take our responsibilities mindfully, consciously and fully. We learn to accept what we can and cannot live with in each decision we make. It is about finding the delicate balance between what makes sense in our minds and what we sense in our hearts. Life is never going to be perfect unless you find that balance within you. The world will never be ideal until you take full responsibility of your life. Whenever you say, “In an ideal world,” you are removing yourself from your responsibility and your chance to truly live your life.

Listen to your mind.

Follow your heart.

Take the honest next steps.

Live your authentic life to the fullest.