Let’s go surfing

I had a wonderful birthday getaway being on a long stretch of beach with fine sands and crashing waves. I even had my first surfing lesson! It was exhilarating! The sea is always a draw for me. I completely forgot how incredible and magical the sea is. It was good to reconnect and it came at a perfect time, too.

Before starting my public events in August, all I knew was I had to get myself out there. But exactly how, I didn’t have much clue but I started it anyway knowing that I couldn’t just sit and wait until I had all the details and answers. So far, a few events went well whereas others had no shows.

I know the essence of my offering is sound but with consecutive no shows, I kept thinking what else I could do or improve even though I know my work is still at the early stage. I sat with the knowing that something needed to be fine tuned  and, just before my birthday, I realized what I didn’t get right. With a few days being with the magical ocean, I had the chance to refresh and reconnect with myself, and I now know what to do moving forward. New events will come in the new year.

Sailing through life is not always all calm water, specially these day we find ourselves constantly going through changes. Some days we feel upbeat, other days not so much. It is easy to say that it is all about our mind set and we can change that to shift our emotion. After all, we are human beings. Beings are meant to feel.

In life, we have goals to achieve and dreams to fulfil. Before we get to the finishing line, we will go through the calm water as well as the choppy one. There will be times the big waves will toss us up so high. Other time, they will crash on us so hard until we can no longer stand.

We are all surfers in life. We learn to find our balance on the surfing board as it glides through life. The waves change constantly. And when they change, we have to change in order to stay in the flow. But before we can be in the flow with the waves, we must learn to balance ourselves on the surfing board, i.e. to be in our own flow in life. If we just go with the flow of the waves without mastering our own, we are merely drifting and we will find ourselves being swept away from the flow in life again and again.

In surfing, we can’t always see clearly what is ahead of us with the water in our eyes. In life, we don’t always have all the answers and details in order for us to see the way forward. However, we can always vaguely see and sense through the water, to have a feel of where we are heading to.

It doesn’t matter if we have all the details for what we want to do in life, and I think that’s almost impossible to happen anyway. What’s important is that we keep hold of our dream and our sense of self, the rest we will find a way to figure out as we start surfing.

We are programmed to do and achieve, to have all the details laid out in front of us before taking the first step. We forget how important it is to feel and sense, to be guided by our own sense of being whilst moving forward. When we don’t have all the details to achieve our goals or dreams in life, we feel lost. When we feel lost, we stop. When we stop too long, we lose our passion for life and, eventually, the life itself.

With us being so used to using our minds, it will take some time to learn to sense again and to trust our sense of self. And it does take some skills and a lot of practice to find the fine balance between having a well written plan and being guided by our own sense of being. But if we allow, we will find that our own sense of being is as good a plan, if not better, as a properly laid out plan on a piece of paper. They are equally important and they both have their places. They are like the symbol of yin and yang – a perfect yet fluid combination duo.

The waves, which are full of unknowns and uncertainties, are there to greet us daily. We can either choose to be stopped by them or surf through them. Indeed, we can choose to rest when we don’t feel like surfing, whether it is just today, tomorrow or the whole week. Everyone needs a break here and there, including the professional surfers, so don’t feel pushed to be a warrior at all time. Once we feel rested and good to go, we pick up our boards and start surfing again.

I started out my work in August with no actual details other than just a sense. I am going along with what I sense and how I feel. If it feels right, I go and do it. The results are not always what I think they would be and I, too, have my shares of being tossed up and crushed down by the waves.

Life always has its own waves. Don’t let them stop you from doing what you want to do. Uncertainty is a certainty in life. Unknown is well known in life. So don’t feel lost when the plan is not clear. Take your time to sense and feel whilst staying connected on your surfing board. When we are aligned, we will find our way.

When you are ready, lets go surfing!

P.S. My first testimonial is up on the website! A big thank you to Ning for offering. It is an encouragement and also a confirmation for the work that I launched myself to do. Thanks again Ning. Happy surfing! 🙂