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DECODE – Aligning with your Magic

December 2, 2017 @ 2:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Have you ever experienced what makes sense in your mind isn’t quite what you sense in your heart? And what you sense in your heart doesn’t always make sense in your mind? Have you been asking yourself, “What do I truly want in my life?” but not found the answer? When your mind is full of clutter it is hard to see clearly, let alone find the deep answers you look for in life.

THE CODE, named after and written based on the Amazon 5 Star reviewed book: THE CODE – transform your mind from the inside out, is a series of workshops that provides a profound yet simple 3-step framework to facilitate your journey of self-discovery, guiding you along the way to discover and connect with the answers you are looking for by being your authentic self.

\”DECODE – Aligning with your Magic\” is part of the DECODE series, the first step in THE CODE. If you have joined the \”THE CODE – Living an Authentic Life\” and/or \”DECODE – The Mind Decoder\”, this workshop is your next step although you don\’t have to take THE CODE workshops in any specific order.

We all have our own magic. However, this magic can easily be buried by many thoughts and beliefs that we pick up in our surrounding environment. These thoughts and beliefs don\’t always align with WHO we truly are. It is in this space which can lead us to live a life that is very different from WHAT we genuinely desire.

Is what you think important truly that important in your life? Do your thoughts and beliefs fully align with WHO you are? When was the last time you examined and challenged your own thoughts and beliefs? And do you live your life with what really matters to you most?


\”Aligining with your Magic\” enables you to:

  • see firsthand and experience the differences in life when being mind led, heart led or a combination of both
  • understand why it is important to be your true self
  • comprehend the dynamics between your heart and mind in being your authentic self
  • uncover 3 areas where unconscious ingraining are commonly found in your surroundings
  • ascertain if you have been unconsciously ingrained and how you can consciously change it
  • learn the steps required to DECODE yourself
  • discover and differentiate WHAT is truly important from what you think is important in life
  • align your work and personal life with what truly matters to you most


What to expect:

  • small group exercises with open minded conversations
  • guided and insightful group discussions and reflections
  • profound self discovery and learning
  • genuine and wholehearted personal sharing and stories to motivate and inspire you to start or continue your unique journey
  • meet like minded and hearted new people in a supported and inspiring environment
  • be part of a community that reinforces and sustains your transformation to be your authentic self
  • a lot of fun with total honesty, openness and encouragement

Who will benefit from the workshop?

If you are unclear on your next step or what is truly important to you in life, having challenges in making life decisions because your mind says one thing whereas your hearts says another, wanting to understand and learn how to balance the power between your heart and mind and when to listen to which, and if you have the desire to align your life, both work and personal, with what truly matters to you. Come and join us for an amazing and inspiring personal journey.


The event is only made possible and effective with your full engagement and participation. Come with an opened heart as well as an opened mind.

Fee: HK$3,500.00 per person

Seats are limited. To reserve your seats and for further information, please email kitty@kittydowner.com


TESTIMONIALS on other workshops

\”Sincere and authentic. Kitty’s patience ears and insightful advice have dawned a “new” realization in me from the stubborn beliefs I have reluctantly refused to let go or come into terms with. I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the many new lessons I have learned in this short yet impactful session. These “aha” awakenings are priceless motivation for me, giving me every reason to move forward.\”

\”Kitty has shared an easy and practical way to start our journey to find authenticity. Good inspiration!”

\”Kitty’s concept of authenticity is genuine and on point, backed by meaningful concepts.”

More testimonials here and photos from previous events here.




“A truly inspiring and very powerful book. Sometimes we feel lost, we stop believing in ourselves. The Code helps you to find the balance and to focus on who you are, what you want and how to achieve it. And what is amazing is that in the end it’s all about you. You are the one who makes the difference!
What I loved the most is the style. It is easy to read and full of lifetime experiences. It’s not just rules and advice. It’s pure life. A book for everyone.”


December 2, 2017
2:00 pm - 5:30 pm
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