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Mind Game Or Life Game

May 23, 2020 @ 10:00 am - 1:30 pm

Baht 2,200


What if what you think are the most important things in life turn out to be the least important?  What if what doesn\’t matter to you turns out to matter the most?

Our decisions and actions are based on our thoughts and beliefs. What would happen to our lives if our thoughts and beliefs don\’t align with WHO we really are? Do we even know if they do?

Many of us take our thoughts and beliefs for granted. Very rarely do we set time aside to look at them, let alone to challenge and examine them closely. 

The recent global and collective experience we all shared caused by Covid-19 is a clear signal reminding us how important it is to live our best and truthful life. To do that, we need to be crystal clear with what\’s in our mind and heart.

Our life is not a game. It only becomes a game when we are not clear with what\’s in our mind.

Mind Game Or Life Game is a thought-provoking yet fun self-discovery workshop. Approaching a serious subject with a practical, pragmatic and reflective angle, it creates a gateway for you to look into your life as well as your mind.

Do you dare to stare at yourself and find out how well you truly know your self?

For one weekend, invest a few hours in our lives and let\’s find out what truly matters to us, and if we are in a mind game or life game.


What you will gain from this workshop:

  • A clear picture of what is truly important to you in life from what you think is important.
  • Insights on how and the importance to examine and challenge your own thoughts and beliefs.
  • Your own profound experience in self-reflection and discovery to kick start and/or enhance your self-development.
  • A personal plan to align and re-align your life going forward.
  • Be clearer and prepared for life challenges ahead.
  • An online community to share and empower your on-going transformational journey.
  • An exclusive 10% discount to the first standalone session of the personal mentoring programme, THE TRUTH.


Seats are limited. Please book yours NOW.



NOTE : Please bring a pen and a journal/notebook with you to the workshop together with an open mind and heart.


Testimonials from previous workshops:

“Attend Kitty’s workshops if you are ready to be open and vulnerable. Get ready to be questioned and be ready for the change. Otherwise, you will just stay where you are.”

“Many people go through changes without knowing how to start, whether the choices they made are “right” or even not knowing where to follow. Kitty shared simple and practical steps to help us to make peace within ourselves and create space within us so that we can align our mind with our heart. Practical step-by-step protocol to help over-thinking people to connect with their hearts.”


For more testimonials, please click here.



May 23, 2020
10:00 am - 1:30 pm
Baht 2,200
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