Finding Motivation In Life

What we are good at and what we love doing/being can be totally different things. Many of us get that confused if not mixed up.

Some may think what we are good at is what we are meant to do or love to do. When we get bored or find it hard to be motivated to do it any longer, we feel lost because we don’t know where and what to look for next as we think we are good at nothing else.

What we are good at can be skills that we learn or tasks that we do repeatedly. What we love doing/being may not be what we are good at, yet.

When we are clear with that, we can then see why sometimes we run out of motivation to do what we think we love doing.

Is our heart in it?

With true passion and love, we will always find motivation within us to move forward, being good at it or not just yet.

(Featured Photo by Vek Labs on Unsplash)