Finding the yoga in you

Yoga is about finding the union within oneself. It is more than doing yoga asana classes. Asana is a way to prepare the body, to give us a mean to connect within. These days, we are a bit caught up with practicing handstand or see how much we can contort our bodies. Asana has become more like a competition as much as it is still inspiring to see our bodies performing different magical forms.

We all have our yoga paths. Each path is unique and no one path is right or wrong. If it feels right to you, then it\’s yours, and yours doesn\’t necessarily mean it is for others. We all need to do yoga. We need to try different types and forms of yoga, be it a Hatha yoga class or simply a coffee break, to find our unions. Listen to yourself and do your yoga. Do your yoga and listen to yourself. It is a circle of energy which moves us forward if we give space to it.

We have flows in life. By finding our own flow, we can then connect within. To find our flow, we listen and do, then do and listen. It\’s an act of balance and it feeds itself. A few points to think about in finding our own yoga:

1. The best advice comes from within you. To be able to listen to your own voice, one needs to connect with oneself.

2. Silence is golden. Have some quiet time alone as often as you can. It is only then we can hear our own voices.

3. Peace comes from stillness. When you look for it, that stillness is gone.

4. Yoga exists in many shapes and forms. We all need different things at different stages in life. Go inside and feel what serve you. If you can\’t get any sense from within then observe those who inspire you and see what they do. Try it out. If it works, stick with it. If it doesn’t, try something different.

5. Don\’t be the norm and don\’t be the crowd. Be your own norm and create your own crowd even when you are the only one because anything works but not everything works.

6. Be open minded and open hearted. Take whatever from wherever that serves you and combine that with your own value and belief.

7. Belief in ourselves, then we can empower ourselves.

8. Being is good. Doing is equally good. Finding the right mix between the two that works for you is a way to connect within.

9. When doing yoga, poses are just a form. The focus is within. By focusing within, we become detached. With detachment, we begin to feel. We can then experience yoga.

10. There are many ways to connect within. The journey to finding our ways is part of yoga.

11. Practise asanas with mindfulness and an inner purpose. Practise handstand with an inner focus whilst your eyes do the outer focus.

12. It\’s rude to walk out from a yoga class half way. It\’s even ruder to ignore our own feelings. Do what feels right but always let the teacher knows first as a respect. We are all human we all have emotions.

13. Happiness is our own responsibility. No one can make us happy unless we are happy with ourselves. Anything extra is merely icing on the cake. So bake our own cake and eat it.

14. Find our own flow in life. It\’s only then we can go with the flow. Otherwise we are just drifting.

15. Struggle is good. With struggle, we are forced to learn. We need to learn when to continue to fight and when to say enough is enough. Say yes to struggle and say no when it\’s enough.

16. We only struggle if we do things that we don’t enjoy. When we do things that we love, struggle no longer is a struggle. Tough time becomes like a warrior fighting a war that he believes in.

17. Yoga can be many things to many people, and yoga can take different form everyday. Yesterday yoga was an asana class. Today yoga is meditation. Tomorrow yoga can be a walk in the park. Be flexible in finding union with ourselves.

18. Yoga is finding the union within ourselves. What that union is, only we know. It\’s irrelevant if we are vegan or meat eaters. Do what bring us closer to that union and leave any judgment to others.