Finding Your Center

We all have a center and a flow in our life. We need to master that in order to deal with life changes. After all, we can only surf the beautiful and challenging waves when we have grounded our feet on the surf board.

A center is where we find our own resources from within to sustain our well-being. Instead of looking out, we look from within. The more we go within, the easier we can go without.

Being centered is about being in tune and well with and within ourselves – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The 4 aspects are closely knitted so working on one will immediately impact the others. When we are centered, we put ourselves in a good position to deal with the whenever and whatever.

Feeling lost or upheaval seems to become a common occurrence nowadays. It is often caused by losing our ground and center. Instead of extending ourselves out from our own center to deal with whatever and whenever, we get pulled out by the currents around us. Things then become hard. We lose our equilibrium.

How can one find his/her center?

  • Eating and living well. It matters not whether you are a meat eater, vegetarian or a vegan. What matters is how you feel inside and about yourself. Pay attention to your food and its relationship to your body. Eat what is right for you and leave the judgement and opinion to others.
  • Our body gets stagnant and our mind gets cluttered over time. Exercise helps move things along physically and energetically. It also resets our body as well as our mind. When we have a clear ground, we can then re-align. Be a runner, be a yogi, be a weight lifter, whatever works for you.
  • Attention to body change. Our body changes as we age and as our circumstances change. What works now may not work in the near future. Listen to the body and see what nourishes it best at any given time and stage. After all, our body only works for us when we work with it.
  • Be mindful with our habits. Do we even know what they are? Do they serve any purposes? Be a master of your habits and don’t let habits dictate your life.
  • Being mentally strong doesn’t mean being strong and powerful all the time. It means having a balanced mind, accepting and allowing moments of strength as well as weakness.
  • A clear mind is needed in order to be centered. Our mind needs its fuel and its fuel is a combination of stimulation and stillness.
  • Simulations that connect with us, make us feel alive, refreshed, motivated and inspired. Any others are called distractions. Stillness needs to be instilled. Regular alone time helps and works, be it a 5 min cuppa or a walk in a park. Meditation is optional. So stimulate yourself rightly and schedule time for yourself with yourself.
  • In stillness, not only can the mind rest and reset but also expand its vastness, giving us more room to grow and center ourselves. The more stillness we can instill, the more centered we can become.
  • Only when our mind is quiet can we listen to our own voices and wisdom within. Finding our center is as much about finding it and letting it come to us.
  • Emotional wellness is about feeling good and wholesome as we are, not who and what we should be.
  • Real emotion comes to us when we give it time and space or else it becomes a reaction.
  • Fill our internal needs with internal resources and inner works, not external objects or subjects.
  • Master your flow in your life before you go with any flow. When we just go with any flow, we give our power away and it’s called drifting.
  • Create your own sense of Be rather than going for being belonged.
  • Being spiritual is about being the authentic you, allowing and aligning yourself to who you are, not what is expected of you.
  • Define yourself and define your roles. Be the original you and be the authentic you even when you are the only one. No crowd is better than the wrong crowd.
  • Choose mindfully with whom you spend time with. Every minute counts. Every exchange matters.

Everything starts with a first step, be it big or small. As small as a 5 min alone time may seem, its power is beyond words when done consciously and consistently. It calms our mind, giving us space to think and see. Our emotion then slowly stops reacting and becomes stable which lessens the stress on our physical body. Spiritual wellness suddenly becomes an easier reach.

The center that we look for is already within us all. Give it space and time and it will come find you.

(This article is originally written for and published by The Wellness Report.)