Honesty with Self

We often expect people to be honest with us. But are we being as honest with ourselves as we expect how honest others are with us?

When we say, “I am being honest”:

  • Are we being totally honest as to what our Truth is?
  • Or are we being “honest” as to how honest we want to be?

Either, we can easily and comfortably say it out loud, “I am being honest.” But the difference between honesty with our Truth and how honest we want to be can be enormous.

Some may say the Truth is scary. If that’s the case, we need to ask ourselves, “Why?” After all, it is only our Truth.

Truth isn’t always pretty and it may seem scary because it often puts us in a very uncomfortable spot. Many do have a fear of facing the truth, which leads us to ask ourselves the next question, “How honest are we with our fear?” Do we embrace it? Or do we run away from it?

Our Truth will only get farther and farther away if we let fear rule our lives.

Every path has its own challenges. Which path will we choose to make it our “truth”? Or which “truth” do we choose to make our path?

No one is set out to lie to Self. The focus is on how aware we truly are of what’s going on in our life, our minds, our hearts, our body and our spirit? And in this case, our honesty.