How do we Know if we are Living our Truth?

It seems like a challenging question as we are talking about we “know” without being able to understand it. And the concept of the Truth also seems so hard to grasp.

Nonetheless, here is how I would explain it.

Let’s flip the question and look at it in another way first: how do we know if we are not living our truth?

We know we are not living our truth when we feel something is missing in life. Often, we can’t pinpoint what exactly is missing in life though.

This happens and, in fact, happens more often when our life seems to be going well and we have whatever we feel we need. Yet, the feeling of “something is missing” is loud and subtle at the same time. Loud enough that we can’t ignore its existence. Subtle in a way that it’s at the back of our mind all the time.

That’s when we know we are not living our Truth.

This “something is missing” is a sign or signal telling us that we are not aligned with our Truth and that we need to listen, observe and pay attention to our life to find ways to connect and align with that “something”, our missing Truth.

So how do we know if we are living our Truth?

We know when we find ourselves going after something million times. No matter how hard it is, how long it may take, how many unknowns there are, how big the risks may be, how many unanswered questions there may be, we keep on pursuing this “something”, known or not, even when we don’t understand why. That’s when we know we are living our Truth.

We know so because no matter how ugly our truth is if it’s our truth, we will turn up for it.