How Our Age Can Cripple Us From Living a Fulfilling Life

Age is nothing but a number. Don’t let our age define, limit or condition us. Take our life back by differentiating the external noises (society pressure, expectations etc) from our internal voice (our true desire).


3 thoughts on “How Our Age Can Cripple Us From Living a Fulfilling Life

  1. I wasn’t able to listen to you unfortunately as there was music playing that I wasn’t able to stop so I could hear you talking. How can I stop that playing??

    1. Hi Louisa

      So lovely to hear from you. I have checked the link on my website and on YouTube, both are working fine… https://youtu.be/Jx35hcfrj0o

      The other two ways to listen to it will be either on my FB Page or podcast (iTunes, Spotify etc have it).

      Hope you can listen to it in one of the ways. Do let me know if you manage it. And I would love to hear more from you if you have time to drop me a line. I was in HK last weekend filming a TV programme. More details to follow shortly.

      Much love to you all. Xxx

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