It was truly tremendous to see all the well-deserved praises, acknowledgments and recognitions being posted and highlighted globally on the recent International Women’s Day.

Whilst I was seeing the global comments and posts, I couldn’t help but wonder why there is an International Women’s Day but not an International Men’s Day. After all, isn’t the importance of equality and inclusivity constantly being talked about and highlighted?

I thought to myself, “if I could make a day special and have everyone on board to celebrate it, what would it be?”

It would be an INTERNA-tiona-L SELF Day.

There are many unsung heroes and cheerleaders out there indeed. But the biggest one is, in fact, the invisible one. The one that lies within us. The one who is with us every single moment in life. And that is SELF.

The hardest if not the most important, under-rated and under-mentioned praises, appreciations and recognitions are those that come from within SELF.

We all love being praised, accepted, acknowledged and recognized by others. But how about we do that to ourselves? After all, we can, can’t we?

People often say self-critic is the hardest but let’s try self-praise and see what is the hardest! Ever wonder how and why we can criticize ourselves so easily if not quickly and willingly but not when it comes to self-praise?

When was the last time You spent time with and talked to SELF?

When was the last time You recognized and appreciated your SELF – your inner strength, perseverance, resilience, unwavering determination, sense of humour, willingness to help or simply being there for friends when in need?

When was the last time You sang praises with and to SELF?

No matter how well we are supported or cheered on by those around us, the ultimate person who is walking through all the challenges is SELF. The one who is gathering all the mightily strength and courage to embrace the much-dreaded fear is SELF. The one we have to and can ultimately count on is SELF.

SELF deserves to be praised and recognized by others but more importantly by ourselves, knowing and acknowledging that “I have done well,” “I am doing brilliantly even with all the challenges” and “I am great even when things may not look that way in life at this moment.”

Every day is a special day. Every day is that important day.

Don’t wait for a day that is labeled for something to take the relevant action. Acknowledge the effort we are putting in, small or big, externally and internally.

The ultimate and eternal source of strength and fuel lies within us. And the ultimate driving and changing force come from SELF.

When we go within, we can then learn to go without.

Connect and sing praises with our own internal hero. Make each day our own INTERNA-tiona-L SELF DAY.