Knowing – Is it a Gamble?

Many of us shy away from our Knowing as it seems so intangible and elusive. It also feels like one big mystery if not a gamble.

After all, the concept, let alone our actual Knowing is so hard to grasp as it isn’t something we can commonly understand, analyze, rationalize, or reason, yet.

Whenever I talk about Knowing, people often ask “How do we know for sure if our Knowing is right?” The answer is we don’t know for sure if it’s right. However, we do know when it isn’t right, which is for another article. 

Is it truly a gamble if we were to trust our Knowing?

If we take a step back and look at our life, every day, in fact, and in truth, is a gamble. No one knows for certain how life is going to unfold. We just assume we know. Or at least we think we know.

What we don’t realize is that even when we know we don’t know for sure how life is to be unfolded, we still believe and think we know for sure.

Is that a gamble? 

The difference between these two gambles – the former being unaccepted whereas the latter being accepted but not labelled as one is we trust our mind more than our heart. We trust what makes sense in our mind far better than what we sense in our heart to live and lead our life.

We are accustomed, if not too accustomed, to how life is or should be – logical, sensible, comprehensible, reasonable and understandable. Because that’s what we know and how we are taught. 

We are often taught how to use our mind – think, rationalize, reason, understand, analyze…

We are not taught enough on how to use our heart – feel, sense or connect. 

It is not that we can’t Trust or we don’t Know. It is because we have an imbalance between our ability in using our mind and our heart and the awareness as to how, when or what.

Knowing is about finding our own path and the tools to help us connect with our path, discovering our unique connection within to what we already Know. It needs to be explored, discovered, sensed, felt, cultivated and nurtured constantly, mindfully and truthfully.

We can only be guided to connect with our Knowing. We can never be taught as the process and the path to Knowing is one of self-learned and self-taught.

Only we know how we feel and sense deep within ourselves. If there is any deviation from our Truth, our Knowing, we Know. If we don’t, it is because we don’t trust ourselves enough in trusting our senses to Know. 

No matter how we look at life, life in itself is a gamble. It’s full of uncertainty. But it is also in this space which gives us the liberty and the power to change it if we don’t like what we see, what we have, what it is or indeed how we feel.

What we perceive as a “gamble” is very much down to what’s in our mind – perception, perspective, belief or thoughts. And that’s one major reason we need to examine and challenge what’s in there. 

There is never a right time to align with our Truth. There is never a perfect moment to connect with our Knowing.

Every moment is right and perfect when we make it so, with our trust and our truthfulness.

Knowing – is it a gamble? Only we KNOW. 


(Featured photo credit: Michał Parzuchowski on Unsplash)