Legend Mastery

Truth isn’t always easy or pretty. But to craft and create our legend, we must connect with our Truth.

Living a full life is about experiencing and experimenting based on our Truth. Or else, we will never find our life fulfilling no matter how long we live and what we experience and experiment.

What is true to many doesn’t mean it is true to us. As “true” as our thoughts and beliefs are, what if they don’t align with You as WHO you are? Can you imagine the impact it has on your life?

“Taking time aside to examine our thoughts and beliefs plays a significant part in creating our legend. Yet, many people don’t give it time.”

LEGEND MASTERY is designed to give you not only the time but also the space to go within, both inside your mind and your heart. It guides you to tap into your eternal and internal truth, your ultimate source and fuel, as you self-reflect and learn to differentiate and discover what truly matters from what you and often others think matters in your life

Programme Overview

Meet your Truth Sleuth and your Great Self

Meet Kitty Yeung Downer as she shares her stories and experiences from living in her mind whilst being in the corporate world to listening to her heart wandering with her Self in different cities. A great space to get to know each other as you set the tone and build the foundation for your LEGEND MASTERY.

Kicking your Butt

Limiting beliefs. Procrastination. Self-doubt. However they are termed or labelled, they are all blockages. Investigating their existence leaving yourself with no excuses to take actions for the soul-fulfilling life is crucial.

From your mind to your heart

Learning to unlock your auto-pilot mode is crucial in crafting our legend. What makes sense doesn’t always equal what you sense. What you sense doesn’t always make sense. You will learn to decode yourself as you understand life isn’t about logic, rationale or “what makes sense.”

Knowing your Truth

Understanding what’s truly important to you is paramount in gaining clarity. Yet, the truth is not often that clear to you even when it’s written in the biggest capital letters ever.

Understanding your Core Strength

Knowing what drives you enable you to see yourself in a different light and enables you self-reflect in a different way.

Moving Forward. Making Impact.

One step at a time as you begin. And each step is in alignment. A tailor-made plan to guide you through as you continue moving forward whilst making impacts.

What outcome can you expect?

It is a life-long journey. Your life changes as you continue to evolve. As you look at Self from a different space and learn to identify and eliminate misalignments with your Truth, the results can be boundless.

Legend Mastery is for you if you are:

> Ready to shift your life to the next level, grow and evolve to the best version of your Self in a different light and space for a more soul-fulfilling and liberating life. 

> Aspired to be more than what you have accomplished and make more meaningful impacts truthfully and authentically in ways you can whilst being calm and collected

> Make the most and best out of your life and create your amazing legend for self-fulfilment whilst making the greatest impact on Self and those around you.

> Ready to tune in to listen to your own voices to find that perfect alignment enabling you to face life unknown and challenges with inner confidence and grace