Life Is

Recently, I came across a game or a test that you do to show in which country you should live by answering various questions. I played it for fun and one question did make me stop and think. It said something like this:

“Life is……

A) a party.
B) an adventure.
C) a journey.”

I asked myself¬† “what is life?” And “what is my life?\” One can give it a lot of thought, or too much at times, or too little sometimes. Usually, I consider myself as a thinker, I tend to think too deep about certain things. This time, I didn’t though. Life is what you give it. Full stop.

Life has no meaning unless you give it some. Life has no purpose until you have one. Life has no label unless you want one. Life simply is what you create and want it to be. Of course, it’s not as simple as that as even when we try, it doesn’t always guarantee any success in creating what we want. Life has its way to guide us but we also need to live it. That’s why being able to be in your own flow is important. It’s a balance of doing and being. You live and create your life but also need to let life show and guide you at the same time.

We tend to analyze too much these days, finding reasons, rationales, justifications, whatever we choose to do. We do things that make us feel accepted, being part of something, somewhere or someone. Therefore, it has become normal to do or be things that are not what we are or who we are.

Society has created a space for us so that we could feel secure by being part of a community. That community, however, has changed and programmed us in an unplanned way. Because we want to be a part of something, that sense of belongingness makes us want to be accepted. Therefore, instead of having an unconditional support to be who we are, it’s now to be like everyone in the community. We lose ourselves in it all unconsciously and then we consciously thrive to be a part of it. A double whammy.

Life is a party if that’s what you want. Life is an adventure if that suits you. Life is a journey if that’s your view. Life is anything and everything, it’s all you. Life is not static. This year, life can be a party, next year life can be something else. One needs to be able to adjust and adapt as and when the flow changes, or else you will feel like banging your head against the wall.

Some people asked me if I ever find it tiring moving from one country to another every 2-3 years. Then others would say how exciting it must be to be moving every few years. It is both and it’s neither at the same time. It’s all your perspective and what your flow in life means to you.

I don’t choose to move every few years. Yes, the decision to move is mine but it is also largely determined by life in its own way. The purpose of the move is irrelevant unless you are consciously running away from somewhere, someone or something. When you feel life is moving on and that the place you are in no longer serves you, then it’s up to you to decide. Indeed one can choose to stay if you feel that’s the right thing to do, but one also needs to make the move if it feels right. Logistics can always be sorted out. As long as you answer your own calling, the rest will pan out just fine. Often, we set ourselves up in our own prison – be it a job, a home or a relationship. We are scared of moving out to the unknown, clinging onto what we don\’t want or what doesn’t serve us as a lifebuoy purely out of fear of facing the unknown. The unknown is part of life. It\’s as much and big as the known. We are too comfortable in our comfort zone and that comfort zone becomes an invisible prison that we create for ourselves.

The moves that I have made are part of my flow. I could choose not to move but that means I would go against my own flow. I could do that but that wouldn’t serve me and it would also stop me from growing and evolving as a person. Yes, each move comes with challenges, physically, mentally and emotionally. However, it’s far easier to deal with all that than denying myself from moving forward. I could stay in the same place and pretend that I am happy. But then who am I lying to really? I would become a “walking dead”.

I don’t move just for the sake of moving either. I am not telling you moving from one place to another will make you a better or a happier person. Some people are meant to stay in one city forever. Some people will move a few times. Some will move constantly. It’s what we create, what we really feel life is and how life meets us somewhere out there. There is no point in creating anything, be it big or small, when it doesn’t serve you. What serves you only you know. Don’t be afraid to be you and don’t be afraid to create what may work for you even when the challenge seems huge and no one around you seems to understand you. After all, when we are down to our last few breaths, most of us would think of what we wanted to do but didn’t rather than our successes or failures.