Television Programme

Facilitating a TV Programme “Think about Thinking” on Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK).


Being interviewed by Able Wanamakok, Int’l Presenter (Emcee) based in Thailand, Ex-news anchors, TEDxSpeaker, Presenter Coach on “How to Tune into Your Knowing.”

Guest Contributor

A campaign organized by Chalk + Ward, a UK based company, highlighting the importance of mental wellness and overall wellbeing. Kitty was invited to share her thoughts alongside some amazing people, including England rugby player and Exeter Chiefs team member Alec Hepburn, Polar explorer and world record holder Ann Daniels and many more. This campaign was also covered by Grow Magazine. (Please click on the image to read the article.)

Newspapers & Journals

The Strait Times
An article “Life Has No Meaning Unless You Give it Some” published in Elephant Journal