Release, Transform & Awaken

Release, transform and awaken is the theme of the One Heart Solstice Retreat held on 12th and 13th Dec. I will be joining other practitioners to share our work in this event. If you are looking for something special to wrap up 2015, and if this speaks to you, come join us.

Year 2015 has been one very eventful year for me. Relocation to Singapore, arrival of our 2nd child, new school for our daughter, new job for my husband, launch of my work on facilitating personal growth and life changes, resumption of teaching yoga…

Energetically, I also feel this year has been an intense one in terms of frequency and magnitude. There have been so many shifts and they just seem to keep coming as well. As soon as I feel I am done with one shift, another one turns up. They also feel much deeper and denser. Even though I do my best to go with it all whilst staying grounded, I have to say, at times, I don\’t even know if I am swimming or drowning.

Recently, a friend asked me how I can cope with all the changes in life and still stay positive and motivated. Well, I think the theme of this blog – release, transform and awaken, answers the question quite sufficiently.

I am no superwoman. My life has its ups and downs and my days are filled with tasks that I like and don’t like doing. Over the years, with all the changes that I have been through, life has taught me to always let go, to release everything and anything that doesn’t serve me, big or small. To cling on to things that don’t serve me would only weigh me down. When life gets heavy, I find it difficult to move on.

I released a job for no job, income for no income, a home for no home, identity for no identity, thoughts for no thoughts, relationships for no relationships, attachments to detachments… Life has also asked me to support my husband to go through similar process, even with young kids in tow.

Releasing what doesn’t serve us is paramount when we want to grow, evolve and transform. Yes, releasing can be scary sometime as we all like our comfort zones and we all like to know what is there for us when we let go of something. But the answer is not always there before the release. After all, releasing is not about trading one thing for another, it simply means letting go of something for nothing as replacement.

When we release, whatever it may be, we create space. The ability to being comfortable in having that space is crucial as it\’s only then we have room for ourselves to see and feel. When we are full of clutter, there is very little room to maneuver, let alone any personal growth or transformation. The more space we have, the better we are able to grow and transform.

Transformation doesn’t always have to be a big change. Transformation, sometime, can simply be reversing ourselves from who we are to who we were, to realign ourselves if we have derailed. We need to know who we are before we can find out who we can be and will be. Without knowing oneself, no transformation can take place as it requires total honesty with self. The word transformation may sound glamourous and grand, but it, often, involves breaking ourselves down into pieces and dealing with our own demons. If we need any proof, just look at how a butterfly is transformed from being a larva to a pupa before turning into a stunning self.

There are many tools out there to help us release and transform. Examples books, healing modalities, energy work, life coaching, support group, to name just a few. They all work in their own ways and they speak to different people at different time in life. Energy healing was the catalyst in my personal journey. It opened up a whole new different path for me. However, these days, energy healing doesn’t speak to me in the same way as it once did. As I transform and evolve, so will my tools. So release the tools, too, when they no longer serve.

Awaken basically means to wake up from sleep. Many of us are actually sleeping in our daily life. Habits that we have, habits that we keep doing daily without knowing why and even when they no longer serve us. We are creatures of habit and we can become complacent in life over time. We need to stay mindful with our habits, or else, we think we are awake but, in reality, we are half asleep.

Staying present with ourselves daily helps us be awakened. As simple as having a 5 minute coffee break alone enjoying the taste of the coffee and watching the world go by without checking our phone not even once, noticing how we sit and how we breath when in the bus or a car on the way to work instead of playing video games, observing how people interact and what they do around us makes us reflect upon how we are… Simple and little things can bring us back to present moment; meditation is optional.

When we are more present, we will find it easier to let go, then to transform and be awaken. It is a self reinforcing process and a never ending one.

An old friend of mine who has been witnessing many changes of mine over the years asked me why I kept changing and transforming. Was it really about having no regrets in life? I never answered his question but my answer to his question is this:

No, I am not doing it because I don’t want to have regrets in life. I am doing it because I want to live my life, not just live a life. I am doing it because I want to love my life, not just love a life. I am doing it because I want to feel my life, not just feel a life. I am doing it because I don’t know how else to live my life other than being honest with myself and honouring my callings even when they seem senseless. Most important of all, I am doing it because I care how I want to remember my life, not how my life will be remembered. After all, we only have one life and it is this life I am living in, even though I believe in reincarnation.

As the year comes to a close, it’s a good time to indeed release, transform and awaken to welcome the new year. After all, how would you like to remember your year, if not your life?

Wishing you a merry xmas and a transformational year ahead!