The best gift we can GIFT ourselves is to go inwards to discover and uncover the gifts that are already within us.


– Individual Mentoring Programme

THE TRUTH is a highly personal, personalized and effective individual mentoring programme designed based on my life experiences and well-tested models and exercises as laid out in the book, THE CODE – transform your mind from the inside out, available globally as paperback and ebook on Amazon.

THE TRUTH provides you with the space to gain crystal clear clarity by re-connecting and building on your self-belief and trust. It assists you to align and re-align your life, to help you differentiate your internal voices (true desires) from the external noises (expectations or norm). If we are not clear WHO we are, WHAT we truly desire and WHY we desire what we desire, our truth and inner voice will slowly be overwhelmed if not buried by the external noises.

What outcome can you expect? 

This is a life-long journey that you choose to embark on and continue to regain, rebuild and strengthen your self-belief and trust which enable you to quietly and calmly to live and speak your truth.

What is the process?

The sessions can be held in person or online. You decide how regular the sessions will be and what topics you would like to focus on. After all, you are the driver of your own journey whilst I am here to assist and facilitate. However, you will be asked to sign an agreement before the start of your sessions to confirm your willingness and, more importantly, your commitment to your own growth and progress.

Different areas will be worked on throughout your journey. They include but not limited to:

  • Uncover, recover and discover your truth by removing thoughts and beliefs that don’t serve you.
  • Bring crystal clear clarity on what is truly important to you and how to align and live your life with your truth.
  • Develop and cultivate the habit of mindfulness and awareness to enhance, strengthen and enrich your life.
  • Learn to find the balance between your mind and heart.
  • Change your mindset from a focus on limitation to a focus on possibility and opportunity.
  • Develop a personal plan with you to sustain your on-going transformational journey.


With a solid background in corporate training together with Kitty’s rich life experiences, she is well equipped in designing and delivering workshops and seminars to motivate and inspire others. Kitty puts a heavy focus on development on Self on top of the skills required and requested for any tailor-made training by her clients, be they global organisation, regional companies or local groups.

Her approach is holistic yet practical. The ultimate goal is to develop people wholesomely, not solely for the skills required to perform a job or a task.

The best way to attract and retain good people and to create a great company culture and working environment is to enable our people to grow and flourish as WHO they are and can be as people, not the jobs they do, in the best space possible.

Details of Kitty’s upcoming public events are available on here.

What Do Clients Say?

“Many people go through changes without knowing how to start, whether the choices they made are “right” or even not knowing where to follow. Kitty shared simple and practical steps to help us to make peace within ourselves and create space within us so that we can align our mind with our heart. Practical step-by-step protocol to help over-thinking people to connect with their hearts.” 

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Kitty is a highly experienced speaker, both in public and private events. She has extensive experience working in multi-cultural environments covering South East Asia, Middle East, United States and Europe. Her talk is always engaging, thought-provoking and inspiring.

Topics of the events can be tailored made to suit the focus and the direction of your global organizations or groups. For further details, please contact Kitty.

What Do Clients Say?

“What you said in the interview inspires me a lot. Please keep me updated with your new course, talk or sharing. And I am trying to find your book on Amazon. Looking forward to seeing you again.” 

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