Kitty’s talks are thought-provoking, insightful and fun. She has a wonderful ability to customize each talk for her particular audience. She presents a series of great ideas with a rare combination of humour, insights and practical concepts that audience members can apply immediately to get better results.

" If you are interested in booking Kitty for a seminar, webinar, live or virtual event, please email her at kitty@kittyyeungdowner.com and tell her a little bit more about what you are looking for and we will get right back to you."


Kitty shows audience members the importance of examining and understanding our thoughts and beliefs. She gives them a series of practical, insightful yet fun exercises they do on the spots with others to experience the profound impact themselves. They learn how to be aware of their own thoughts and beliefs day after day and how they can improve their way of life by making the necessary alignments with their thoughts and the life they want to live.

Learn how to master your own senses by understanding and differentiating “what makes sense” vs “what you sense” with a series of practical and easy-to-understand ideas that work for everyone! Challenge your own thoughts. Remove your invisible limitations. Kitty will guide you through your journey of self-discovery as you re-connect with the power of your mind and your heart, understand what it means to be your authentic self, how to decode your mind, and change your focus from limitation to possibility to open up new space for the deep answers you have been looking for.

Kitty shows you the impact if we live our daily life on an auto-pilot mode which many people are not even aware of! Our thoughts and beliefs affect how we make decisions and therefore how we live our lives. If our minds are not serving us right, our lives can become a game; a game none of us can afford or want to lose. With easy to understand explanations with thought-provoking dialogues and exercises, Kitty guides you on how you can differentiate your serving thoughts from the non-serving on a daily basis so that you can take the power back in life.

Learn how to understand the importance of having curiosity, self-reflection and self-questioning “Why am I doing what I am doing?” in any management team or any environment that can improve the team spirit, increase performance and build a nurturing corporate culture. Through open, fun and supported exercises, team members see the duality in reality: who they think they are and who others think they are!