Secrets to Success w Kitty & Lisa #SSKL

What does SUCCESS mean to you? And what are your secrets to success?

Join LISA MURPHY, a Health and Wellness Coach based in Kansas City in the US, and I LIVE every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month as we explore and discuss what success is.

Learn our secrets, from how to mindfully nourish our bodies to live healthily, to being clear with our minds and hearts authentically to live and speak our truth. No topic will be too big or small for us as we share our life learning and experiences to discover what success truly means to us as WHO we are, not as defined for us.

Watch us LIVE on my FB Page or be a part of our discussion on zoom.

8pm Bangkok

5pm Dubai

2pm London

8am Chicago

#SSKL is a bi-weekly show, created during Covid-19 as life brought Lisa and me together after what seems like a lifetime after we first met in Dubai in 2005 and subsequently in New York in 2009.

#SSKL is created FOR you. We invite you to join us no matter where you are or where you come from. Send in your questions before or during LIVE. Together, we share, learn, grow and evolve for the healthy, vibrant, truthful and fulfilling life we all desire.

Ep8. – Let’s Eat – nourishment, pleasure & success!

Ep.6 – Friends for Success

Ep.7 – Fear – Living With it or In it?

Ep.4 – Struggles and Failures

Ep.5 – Yoga and Success

Ep.2 – Who is Kitty?

Ep.3 – A New Meaning of Success

About #SSKL

Ep.1 – Who is Lisa?