Staying true to ourselves

It may sound easy to be you but how many of us genuinely know who we truly are? It takes a lot of work to get to know our genuine selves. When we do know ourselves, how easy is it to stay true to our own selves?

There is so much influence from society, family, peer groups. Everyone and every source seem to have an opinion about who we are. In this materialistic world, we are bombarded by marketing images, showing us what we need to have or look like in order to feel good about ourselves. We need to succeed in terms of dollar signs or fame in order to be called successful.

When I started writing this blog, I actually looked at various online magazines and journals. Rightly or wrongly, they all want a material that has never been published elsewhere, plus the material needs to be in a certain context. I was asked to look at what they had published as a reference so that I could modify my materials for their publication. When I looked at the top read articles, many of them were materials with catchy headings, followed by bullet points of advice. Many of these articles had topics that I wasn’t interested in reading.

These articles, however, had many “likes” but when I read them, the majority of them were written for quick reading, very few made me stop and think (perhaps the topics simply were not my cup of tea, and I was looking at the wrong publications), let alone giving me any lasting impression afterward.

I was a bit surprised by what the market was interested in but then again we are all busy people in our own ways. As much as I, too, wanted to be “liked” and become a well-received writer and contributor, with a pretty headshot alongside my name, I just couldn\’t bring myself to follow their footprint, to change my way of communication to theirs.

In no way my way of communication is better than the others. Different readers need different materials. Different writers write different things. Everything works in some way, that’s the beauty of it.

Of course, not going with the mainstream may mean it may take me longer to be noticed, it may take me longer to gain any regular readers, and I may be writing for myself, and myself alone, for much longer than expected. But then I don’t believe that being one of the crowd is easier than being myself, I don’t believe writing for others is better than writing what I really want to say, and after all, I write because writing serves me as a way to channel and share my thoughts and energy.

This is a path that I have chosen for myself. It serves me and I will continue for as long as it feels right. If I were to alter my tone to suit others in order to be accepted or gain popularity then I would no longer be me and my essence would be lost in one of those “likes” – read, liked, and forgotten.

Being true to ourselves doesn’t mean being rigid and stubborn. Of course, changes are to be made when they are called upon but we have to be selective. When we are in our own flow, we can fine-tune ours to meet with others’. To let go of our flow to suit others’ may seem to get us quicker to where we want to be in the short run but we lose ourselves in the crowd in the long run. I guess that’s one reason we see so many entrepreneurs these days and also people choose to switch from their “high flying jobs” to “more earthy ones”.

We have to trust who we are and what we are. Staying centered and being true to ourselves is the only way we will learn and evolve, the only way to have the happiness that comes from within us. We can always take a quick dose of shorts cut somewhere along the way but too many of them will only make us dopey.

With the new year just starting, if you are into making new year resolutions, why not try being mindful and true to your own self.

Have a truthful 2015!