Success Or Failure – What Stories Are We Feeding Ourselves?

When someone has made a bold step in life, we say “they are so brave”.

Deep down, many of us also want that bold step in life. But somehow we believe we CAN’T because of thousands of reasons. These reasons are often not legitimate. They are nothing but self-limiting beliefs.

The truth is we CAN. We can all CAN.

– We CAN try.
– We CAN do our best.
– We CAN give it a go.
– We CAN take the first step.

The challenge isn’t if we CAN. The real challenge is if we WILL:

– WILL we overcome our own inner fear?
– WILL we step out from our comfort zone?
– WILL we do whatever it takes to realize that goal and dream in life?
– WILL we continue even when we hit obstacles after obstacles?

If we WILL NOT, we will never CAN.

Setbacks and life challenges will always be there. Where do you set your baselines? And what stories are you feeding yourself?