What Do People Say?

“Attend Kitty’s workshops if you are ready to be open and vulnerable. Get ready to be questioned and be ready for the change. Otherwise, you will just stay where you are.” – Gina Low Calaunan

“Many people go through changes without knowing how to start, whether the choices they made are “right” or even not knowing where to follow. Kitty shared simple and practical steps to help to make peace within ourselves and create space within us so that we can align our mind with our heart. Practical step-by-step protocol to help over thinking people to connect with their heart.” – Alice Yuen

Understanding the difference between thinking and knowing – a clever book offering techniques presented in a unique way that can be applied in order to understand how your life got from there to here, and to make sure where you are going is where you want to be going.” – Peter Kenney

“I use “The Code from NO to KNOW” approach all the time – I used to make hasty decisions without really knowing what I was getting into. Really good advice that I got from your book, The Code!” – L Gunn

“Your talk was really enlighting and it made me think! I am sure it is getting through to plenty of others, too. Keep at it!” – J O’Shea

“This workshop really helps me connect with my heart and my inner parts deeply. Good guidelines on how to follow my heart going forward.” – Christine Wong

“A good workshop for over-thinking person like me to start to understand what authenticity is.” – Gloria Yip.

“A new experience to communicate with my heart.” – Bonnie Cheung

“Kitty has shared an easy and practical way to start our journey to find authenticity. Good inspiration!” – Kris

“Kitty’s concept of authenticity is genuine and on point, backed by meaningful concepts.” – Dr Marc Calaunan

“The Gathering caught my attention when I saw the event listing in my mailbox, however, I sat on it. The night before the event, at the back of my head, there was this little voice beckoning me to check it out.

Sincere and authentic. Kitty’s earnest intention and sharing of her personal story has indeed made her the authentic go-to person (in every sense) for the great cause she is doing to benefit and impact others. Her patience ears and insightful advice have dawned a “new” realization in me from the stubborn beliefs I have reluctantly refused to let go or come into terms with. I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the many new lessons I have learned in this short yet impactful session. These “aha” awakenings are priceless motivation for me, giving me every reason to move forward.

I would highly recommend The Gathering should you have any issue you can’t figure out or just need a listening ear.” – Ning

A testimonial from young Ray who is working hard to become a writer.

“A truly inspiring and very powerful book. Sometimes we feel lost, we stop believing in ourselves. The Code helps you to find the balance and to focus on who you are, what you want and how to achieve it. and what is amazing is that in the end, it’s all about you. you are the one who makes the difference!

What I loved the most is the style. It is easy to read and full of life experiences. it is not just rules or advice. It is pure life. A book for everyone!” – Claudia Candela