The Key In Dealing With Negative Comments

This talk is inspired by The Game Changers Movie and the people who are making changes to a plant-based diet.

When we make significant changes in our lives, it would be nice to be supported by those around us. But what happens when they don’t? What is the best way to deal with negative comments or judgments?

The best way isn’t about finding a way to deal with them. And it certainly isn’t “just ignore them” which is a very commonly given advice.

First and foremost, we need to understand WHY we feel the need to deal with those negative comments. Often, the need stems from a “discrepancy” between our heart and mind, which is what we need to address, not what people say or think.

When our heart and mind are in alignment, we will never feel the need to address what others think or say about us, let alone to deal with them.

More details in the short video.

(Featured Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash)