Wellness With Mindfulness And Awareness

With the new year has just begun, the January Blues Campaign organized by Chalk + Ward, highlighting the importance of mental wellness gives us a great start to address our wellbeings for this new year, this new decade and the new cycle of the Chinese zodiac.

When addressing our wellness, we need to do so wholesomely and holistically given our mental wellbeing is so intricately and tightly connected with our physical, emotional and spiritual wellness. Whilst we can focus on one at a time, we can never look at them isolatedly.

MENTAL – we may be positive but do we have the drive, motivations and inspirations to propel us forward?

PHYSICAL – we may have the perfect 6-pack but do we feel as good about ourselves as the 6-pack looks?

EMOTIONAL – life may look good but are we truly happy?

SPIRITUAL – we may be busy but do we feel fulfilled with a sense of self or purpose?

Wellness can only stay well when it is cultivated and nurtured constantly with mindfulness and awareness.

How well would you like to be for this new year, this new decade and this new cycle of the Chinese zodiac?



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Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash