What People Say

“In the 3 hours spent one on one with Kitty and through only 2 key questions she asked me, I found the clarity on what I have been looking for in life and reconnected with my self-worth once again after so many years. Finally, I realized it was through the fear of failing myself that I had avoided my calling and knowing. It is as if a light bulb has turned on and I see myself clearly of who I am and my calling. I cannot find the right words to express my gratitude to Kitty for helping me in self-discovery and self-love. Thank you, Kitty.” – Lynn T, Tax Partner

“Thank you so much, Kitty. Seriously, that was really amazing. You have so much wisdom. Some of the things you said were just not in my head at all and I really learned a lot from you. Thank you so much for your time and for sharing your wisdom with us. It was so fun.. You helped me and I am sure you helped Bendy and Ed and some of the other regulars who are watching the series. I had such a great time and I am glad you enjoyed it as well.” – Able Wanamakok, Int’l Presenter (Emcee) based in Thailand, Ex-news anchors, TEDxSpeaker, Presenter Coach

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“Before my recent relocation, I had an individual session with Kitty. We continued to communicate during my quarantine in Asia.

I was very lost with a lot of baggage to deal with at a time. Kitty has helped me to clarify what I want in my life, what’s important to me and how to achieve it. The most important for me was to find what makes peace with my heart.

Kitty has helped me to trigger to get rid of what doesn’t serve me to make space for what serve me in the future, to have a simple, mindful and meaningful life. In short, Kitty gave me excellent and invaluable advice, and guided me through it all with such ease!

I never knew being in quarantine could turn out to be such a great opportunity to help me get rid of the baggage. It certainly gave me a good start as I entered into a new chapter in life with the move.

A big THANK YOU to Kitty. I highly recommend her to anyone.”- Anonymous

“I have known Kitty for many years. Her daughter was in my class when she was just 2 years old. Even when her family moved somewhere else we kept in touch. Kitty would drop a note or two and share her daughter’s latest pictures with me. Fast forward to 6 years later, the toughest year I have ever experienced in my entire life. It was also the year that Kitty’s family went back to Thailand. We met again to catch up and talk. As we sat down, I started to open up to Kitty because I felt comfortable around her. She asked me the on-point questions and it just felt right. Later on, I learned that she is an international speaker and mentor. All the things I have heard from her that night were GOLD. Her advice about dealing with what I was going through helped me in my journey to grief. It made me realize so many things that I have overlooked all the time. It made me reflect deeply and be mindful of what I do, say, feel and think. Through that conversation, Kitty addressed a very significant realization, grief is after all a personal journey and you are allowed to say, feel, think and do whatever it is that you need to heal. I am forever grateful because I was on the bottomless pit at that time and was just gasping for air. Her thoughts and words yanked me out of that bottomless pit giving me a reprieve. Kitty has a way in creating the space for you to talk about your most challenging issues and guiding you to find your answers, solutions, and in my case to address my grief. I highly recommend Kitty.” – Aju Enrique

I approached Kitty to help me revise the content of our company’s website. In return, Kitty advised me to “speak up” via videos as they are much more powerful in delivering key messages. This idea has never crossed my mind and I am not confident that I will be able to do it.

Kitty encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and step up in sharing my company’s values, thoughts and advice to clients and candidates by speaking up. She explained how it can be done in a way that I’ll feel comfortable and be myself. I slept on it for a few days before I told her that “yes” I would like to give it a try.

Kitty challenged me while helping me to broaden my perspective, gain clarity on my business direction and find my voice in what I do. She guided me so well, from preparing questions so that I knew what to say and how best to express them, to advising how I can best articulate my thoughts differently to make them work for me even when they don’t seem to. Instead of being nervous or anxious, I felt very calm, fulfilled and purposeful. Kitty was truly inspiring. At the end of the process, I was highly energized, motivated and gained a different perspective in running a business.

It is my pleasure to recommend Kitty to those who want clarity in what they want in life, who might lose motivation or passion, who are going through changes but not sure how and where to start. Kitty will be able to guide you through, giving you the insights to start or continue your journey of self-discovery, and returning to your true self to have a happier life.

– K. Jeerapa Leelasangsai, Founder of Third Eye Management Solutions

A touching personal note from “an inspired reader”

“Hi Kitty, I just wanted to thank you for our meeting today. Our conversation picked up steam quickly and it felt like we spoke for much longer than just 1 hour based on how much we covered. I really appreciate how great of a listener you are and that you challenged me to think with my heart more than my head (especially when you very purposefully asked those binary questions 😅).

The biggest 2 lessons I learned were about how we can confine ourselves by labelling ourselves. By doing this, we may be reinforcing ourselves to continue to act a certain way when it is quite possible this doesn’t need to be true. For example, I’ve always told myself I’m shy and an introvert when I truly do love being around people. I definitely don’t need to be the one talking all the time but I do love being in social situations and I feel like I can feed off other people’s energy as well.

The other life lesson was about our need to know everything. I am very analytical and try to gather as much information as possible, as I mentioned earlier today. But maybe I spend too much time on that, not enough time on actually making the decisions I’m gathering the information for.

I will do my best to apply these lessons to my life. It will be difficult, but not impossible 😁

Once again, thanks so much for meeting me and the coffee, and I’m very glad to have met you in person rather than over a Zoom call. Hope we can do this again in the future and I can share my forward progress.

All the best.”

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A rewarding message left on my YouTube channel for the video, “Stability in Life – What does it really mean?”

“I love this video, the universe definitely sent me this message through you. I’m a senior in high school in the US and I want to go to Canada. I have tangible reasons like their healthcare system and better quality of life, but that’s not the real reason I want to immigrate. I have a calling to Canada deep within me, like it’s my real home that I’ve never visited. I need to find my inner stability before physical stability. Thank you for your wisdom and encouragement.” – Cryola, The United States.

“I met Kitty at an event in Bangkok, at that time I was losing my passion with my job.  I was intrigued by Kitty when she asked if I lost my passion or I thought I lost my passion?

When technology disrupted my industry, headhunting, and has a negative impact on my business, I start doubting myself.  Kitty gave me good food of thought to digest that evening. We met again a week later, I felt a strong connection with her in no time, we agreed that she will take me for private sessions.  Prior to the start of the first session, I have to fill in questionnaires which I struggle to answer as many questions were asking about feeling and emotion.

As a self-made entrepreneur, grew up in a Chinese family where my parents had arranged marriage I have to work twice harder than my brothers to prove myself. I have no time to think about my own feeling or recognize my emotions as I was so determined to succeed so much that I have become professional/rational not only in business but in my private life.  I was disconnected from my own family.

As a Head Hunter, communication is my profession, I thought I was very good at it but until I met Kitty I realised that I have forgotten to communicate with my ownself and listen to my inner voices.  Taking individual lessons with Kitty was an eye-opening for me to learn about myself, my true feeling, to be crystal clear about what I want.  She gave me homework and exercise during the session.  She also gave me her book “The Code” which is a good tool for everyone who feels lost and wants to find the balance and listen to their inner voice.

In a relatively short time,  I was able to address emotional issues with my heart instead of my head and reconnect with my family again.  Kitty impressed me with her communication skills, the ability in articulating her thoughts.  She also inspires me to be crystal clear on what is truly important to me and how to make a sound life decision that is aligned with my truth.  I recommend Kitty to anyone who feels lost, lacks motivation in life and wants to reconnect with themselves.” – Jeerapa L, Executive Search Consultant, Bangkok

“Dear Kitty

I’ve shared your video on The Key In Finding A Mentor and tagged your Facebook page as I truly appreciate your insights and clarity. Hope it’s ok and thank you so much.

We’ve not met nor connected, but I find your work and message authentic, true and realistic.” – Suraya RayHa

“What you said in the interview inspires me a lot. Please keep me updated with your new course, talk or sharing. And I am trying to find your book on Amazon. Looking forward to seeing you again.” – K M Ho

“You were absolutely fantastic! Thank you so much! I’d love to do another workshop sometime. Is your book available as an ebook?” – Denver 

“I first met Kitty in Hong Kong around 2002-2003. At that time, I was caught up in the work hard, party hard drinking/excess culture in Hong Kong with some very boozy weekends that seemed to go on and on.

At that time, I was a very brash and cocky person but Kitty never judged me.

Kitty has an amazing talent in understanding and reading people’s mind and she holds the space for people to open up so easily and naturally. I knew I could trust her and started speaking to her about what I was going through.

Kitty started to address the manic lifestyle I had. Instead of sleeping off a massive hangover on Sunday mornings, we would meet up with some of her friends and go hiking around Hong Kong. She got me interested in reading books, learning about meditation and changing my mindset which really helped me to see life so differently from getting hammered all weekend.

One of the biggest takeaways was Kitty’s ability to turn the negatives into positives, to transform blockages into possibilities and opportunities. She helped me to challenge and distil my way of thinking.

Kitty is truly a thought leader. Her perspectives and thoughts are inspiring and unique, and her optimism and positivity rubbed off on me.

It wasn’t easy to confront myself with my own behaviour, thoughts and beliefs. I would previously moan about my week at work, this contractor, or my boss, and try to blot it out with heavy drinking.

With Kitty’s firm yet nurturing guidance, I started to look at things very differently and become more optimistic; a positive outlook in my life and my health which I still hold to this day, with a new energy that things will always get better no matter how tough it is.

I embraced this and had 6 more wonderful years in Hong Kong where I met my wife and my career took off, and I have worked in Asia and the Middle East. I still remain close friends with Kitty to this day.

I was very sad when she left Hong Kong. But like with all really good friends, sometimes you don’t speak to each other for months and then right away pick straight up from where you were.

I will always have a massive amount of respect and gratitude for Kitty for waking me up to new opportunities, a belief structure, to keep going and stay true to myself when things look like they are going south.

It gives me great pleasure to write this testimonial knowing that there are many people who can get enormous benefits from spending time with Kitty to truly live and experience life, as I did with her.” – Lawrence Billington

“In Hong Kong, the topic on how to be ourselves is a real treasure. The content of the TV programme resonates well. I am so glad Hong Kong has this kind of programme.

Kitty, I watched your wonderful TV programme about being ourselves, thank you. I’d like to know your course details.” – T Wong

“Kitty is very good at asking thought-provoking questions which I never think of. The exercises she had us done in the workshop helped me think more about WHO I am, WHAT I want and WHY I want what I want.” – J. L.

“A great self-reflection workshop. It helps you to become a happier you. A 2-hour time worth investing.” – Somrudee

“The workshop helps you to realize that whether it is people you know or you don’t know, many are experiencing life challenges. You won’t be able to know because you won’t ask strangers those hard questions that are asked in the workshop! Love it!” – S.

“Great workshop that gave me clarity about my next steps.” – Adrian Flint

“You probably hear and see a lot of inspirational quotes about being authentic but do you know what authenticity really is? The workshop “Life Game or Mind Game” by Kitty will help you figure it out. It is thought-provoking with inspirational discussions that can give you awareness to start or continue your journey of self-discovery, and returning to your true self to have a happier life.” – anonymous.

“I am Rosemarie Manalo and was working as a helper for Madam Kitty for the last 3 years in Singapore. As they were leaving Singapore, I moved on and found another employer locally.

I find Madam Kitty very open-minded. She showed me how to see the beauty of life. During my time working with them, even when I did many things wrongly, she never shouted at or got angry with me. Instead, she explained things very well to me and gave me the advice to do it better.

I used to think of going back to my home town in the Philippines only once in year as I was concerend about spending money. And usually, we are only allowed to return home once every two years. But Madam Kitty let me take my holiday at least twice a year whenever they were away and said to me, “You are working to provide for your family so that they can have a better life. What’s the point of working so hard if you don’t get to spend time with your family when you can?” If it wasn’t because of her encouragement, I could have missed the important moments spent with my family.

I also opened up to Madam Kitty that I had a dream that maybe someday I could do a different job. I don’t want to spend my whole life working as a helper. I felt it’s hard for me to pursue my dream because I am married with 2 young kids. But Madam Kitty encouraged me to follow my dream and said there would always be a new beggining somewhere if that’s what I wanted even though I might not see it right now.

Thank you to Madam Kitty Downer for all the encouragements. I really appreciated all the care the family has given me. I am so blessed to be part of their family. She made me realize there can always be more than where my life is currently.” – Rosemarie Manalo

“Many people go through changes without knowing how to start, whether the choices they made are “right” or even not knowing where to follow. Kitty shared simple and practical steps to help us to make peace within ourselves and create space within us so that we can align our mind with our heart. Practical step-by-step protocol to help over-thinking people to connect with their hearts.” – Alice Yuen

“I am inspired by your points of views on RTHK (Radio Television Hong Kong). In Macau or Hong Kong, we face the same cultural changes. You are doing great and I will share your views with my friends.” – A Fung

“The workshop caught my attention when I saw the event listing in my mailbox. However, I sat on it. The night before the event, at the back of my head, there was this little voice beckoning me to check it out.

Sincere and authentic. Kitty’s earnest intention and sharing of her personal story has indeed made her the authentic go-to person (in every sense) for the great cause she is doing to benefit and impact others. Her patience ears and insightful advice have dawned a “new” realization in me from the stubborn beliefs I have reluctantly refused to let go or come into terms with. I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the many new lessons I have learned in this short yet impactful session. These “aha” awakenings are priceless motivation for me, giving me every reason to move forward.

I would highly recommend Kitty’s workshops should you have any issue you can’t figure out or just need a listening ear.” – Ning

“Attend Kitty’s workshops if you are ready to be open and vulnerable. Get ready to be questioned and be ready for the change. Otherwise, you will just stay where you are.” – Gina Low Calaunan

“You did really well in the TV programme and brought out the message – we should be our own selves, not what others think who we should be. The activity was great fun and the participants did enjoy it. It is a good way for them to see themselves… You also pointed out that it was not easy to make ourselves as our priority over others….and make another participant rethink the importance of being with his child was due to responsibility or his true desire.

Your energy flow was so smooth, soft and comfy. For sure the TV audience would feel that, too.” – E Cheung

“This workshop really helps me connect with my heart and my inner parts deeply. Good guidelines on how to follow my heart going forward.” – Christine Wong

“I use ‘The Code from No to kNOw’ approach all the time. I used to make hasty decisions without really knowing what I was getting into. Really good advice that I got from the book, The Code!” – L Gunn

A good workshop for over-thinking person like me to start to understand what authenticity is.” – Gloria Yip

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“Kitty has shared an easy and practical way to start our journey to find authenticity. Good inspiration!” – Kris

A testimonail from Ray who wants to become a writer.