What People Say

Lynn T

- Tax Partner

“Through only 2 key questions Kitty asked me, I found the clarity on what I have been looking for in life and reconnected with my self-worth once again after so many years. Finally, I realized it was through the fear of failing myself that I had avoided my calling and knowing. It is as if a light bulb has turned on and I see myself clearly of who I am and my calling. I cannot find the right words to express my gratitude to Kitty for helping me in self-discovery and self-love. Thank you, Kitty.”

Aju Enrique

“The toughest year in my entire life. I was on the bottomless pit and was just gasping for air. Kitty’s thoughts and words yanked me out of that bottomless pit giving me a reprieve. Her advice and on-point questions about dealing with what my journey to grief was GOLD. She made me realize I have overlooked so many things, reflect deeply and be mindful of what I do, say, feel and think. Kitty has a way in creating the space for you to talk about your most challenging issues and guiding you to find your answers, solutions, and in my case to address my grief. I highly recommend Kitty.”

Jeerapa L

-Founder of Third Eye Management Solutions

“I didn’t realize I’d forgotten to communicate with my own self and listen to my inner voices until I met Kitty. Kitty challenged me with great thought-provoking questions while helping me to broaden my perspective, gain clarity on my business direction and find my voice in what I do. I was able to address emotional issues with my heart instead of my head, reconnect with my family, learn to make sound life decisions that are aligned with my truth and gain a different perspective in running my business. I recommend Kitty to anyone who wants clarity in life, who might lose motivation or passion, who are going through changes but not sure how and where to start and wants to reconnect with themselves.”

Lawrence Billington

“Kitty has an amazing talent in understanding and reading people’s mind and holds the space for people to open up so easily and naturally. Kitty’s ability to turn the negatives into positives, to transform blockages into possibilities and opportunities helped me to challenge and distil my way of thinking. Her perspectives and thoughts are inspiring and unique. I’ve become more optimistic with a positive outlook in my life and my health which I still hold to this day. I have a massive amount of respect and gratitude for Kitty for waking me up to stay true to myself when things look like they are going south. It gives me great pleasure to write this testimonial knowing that there are many people who can get enormous benefits from spending time with Kitty to truly live and experience life, as I did with her.”

Anonymous in Vietnam

“I was very lost with a lot of baggage. Kitty helped me clarify what I want in my life, what’s important to me, how to achieve it and the most important for me was to find what makes peace with my heart. Kitty helped me get rid of what doesn’t serve me and live a simple, mindful and meaningful life. Kitty gave me excellent and invaluable advice, and guided me through it all with such ease! I highly recommend her to anyone.”

Able Wanamakok

- Int’l Presenter (Emcee) based in Thailand, Ex-news anchors, TEDxSpeaker, Presenter Coach

“Thank you so much, Kitty. That was really amazing. You have so much wisdom. Some of the things you said were just not in my head at all and I really learned a lot from you. Thank you so much for your time and for sharing your wisdom with us. You helped me and other regulars who are watching the series.” 


“You probably hear and see a lot of inspirational quotes about being authentic but do you know what authenticity really is? The workshop “Life Game or Mind Game” by Kitty will help you figure it out. It is thought-provoking with inspirational discussions that can give you awareness to start or continue your journey of self-discovery, and returning to your true self to have a happier life.”

Alice Yuen

“Many people go through changes without knowing how to start, whether the choices they made are “right” or even not knowing where to follow. Kitty shared simple and practical steps to help us to make peace within ourselves and create space within us so that we can align our mind with our heart. Practical step-by-step protocol to help over-thinking people to connect with their hearts.”


“Sincere and authentic. Kitty’s earnest intention and sharing of her personal story has indeed made her the authentic go-to person (in every sense) for the great cause she is doing to benefit and impact others. Her patience ears and insightful advice have dawned a “new” realization in me from the stubborn beliefs I have reluctantly refused to let go or come into terms with. I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the many new lessons I have learned in this short yet impactful session. These “aha” awakenings are priceless motivation for me, giving me every reason to move forward. I would highly recommend Kitty’s workshops should you have any issue you can’t figure out or just need a listening ear.”

Rosemarie Manalo

“Madam Kitty showed me how to see the beauty of life. If it wasn’t because of her encouragement, I could have missed the important moments spent with my family. I also opened up to her that I had a dream that maybe someday I could do a different job. I felt it’s hard to pursue my dream because I am married with 2 young kids. But Madam Kitty encouraged me to follow my dream and said there would always be a new beginning somewhere if that’s what I wanted even though I might not see it right now. She made me realize there can always be more than where my life is currently.”

Gina Low Calaunan

“Attend Kitty’s workshops if you are ready to be open and vulnerable. Get ready to be questioned and be ready for the change. Otherwise, you will just stay where you are.”

Christine Wong

“This workshop really helps me connect with my heart and my inner parts deeply. Good guidelines on how to follow my heart going forward.”

- Anonymous

 “Hi Kitty, I really appreciate how you challenged me to think with my heart more than my head. The biggest 2 lessons I learned were about how we can confine ourselves by labelling ourselves and our need to know everything. I’m very glad to have met you in person rather than over a Zoom call”